About us

About us

BufferZone has been created by a frustrated pool maintenance company that couldn't find anything else that really fit with the unique way that the swimming pool industry works. These are the day to day issues that we in the swimming pool industry regularly face and BufferZone has its own unique way of dealing with all of these hassles. While other programs try to push you one way or another, BufferZone has been designed to give you as much flexibility as possible.

we've got the experience

The system has been created by a swimming pool business that has been established for over 50 years. When there was nothing that suited that business, we went and built our own.

Having experienced all of the management issues that can arise in running a complex business, we have come up with a system that gives you maximum flexibility for you to run the business the way you want to but with the structure needed to manage your staff efficiently and keep your clients happy and informed.

As mentioned, there isn't much that we haven't seen over the years and that includes the different ways that a pool business can be run. We feel that the flexibility of the system will allow you to run your business with the same methodology you have always done but with a new, streamlined approach.

Easy to use

The system requires little to zero IT knowledge to use it. We've streamlined the system to keep it simple for the user while still giving the business owner maximum flexibility

Mobile friendly

Mobile is changing the world. Today, every pool cleaner has a smartphone with them, constantly communicating and looking for information.

Smart application

With our unique "daysweeper" scheduling system, you will never lose a job and never have one of your staff forget to complete something on their list. The incomplete tasks always roll to the top of the list in the overdue section. No excuses!!

What we offer

We offer a purpose built system that makes running your pool business a whole lot easier. The below features are just a taste of what is available on our system. There is nothing like getting a free demonstration for you to see the full capabilities that are available. Fell free to contact us for more information or to book a demonstration.

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Why BufferZone

An application purpose built for the pool industry, both pool shops and service companies

Seasonal Scheduling

Seasonal Scheduling

Our unique scheduling system makes it impossible for a job to be left behind. Anything that has not been completed on days before will automatically roll to the top of your list on the current day.

Comprehensive Site Data

Comprehensive Customer Data

Keep detailed site information on your clients' swimming pool and its equipment minimising the need for unnecessary call backs. From standard things like pool dimensions and surface right down to the dogs' names or even if there is a pipe installed for a pressure cleaner.

Intensive Management

Intensive Management

Sick of that client that keeps calling to say that your pool cleaner left the gate open? Or that they forgot to turn the tap off? Stop that from happening again by creating a unique checklist of items for each job that must be checked off before a job can be completed.

As It Stands






Bodies of Water


Water Tests


This is the pay-as-you-go pricing for pool shops and pool service companies. Please contact us for the pricing for commercial sites and leisure centers. All pricing excludes the relevant taxes for your local territory


Pool Shop

Scheduling only


Australia and New Zealand $50 AUD / month $50 AUD / month $75 AUD / month
Number of Users Included 2 users 2 users 2 users
User License Fee $15 AUD / user $15 AUD / user $15 AUD / user
Job Scheduling YES YES
Site Information YES YES YES
Custormer Data YES YES YES
Water Test YES YES YES
Repair Management YES YES YES
Ordering YES YES YES
Device Integration YES YES YES
For Desktop WAVE III and Spin devices
For Mobile SpinTouch
Job Card YES YES
Dosage Recommendation YES YES
New Customer Reminder YES YES
Water Test SMS and Email
Maintenance Plans SMS and Email
Prevention Programs SMS and Email
Xero Integration YES YES
New QuickBooks Online Integration YES YES
Comming soon Spenda POS Integration YES YES